An Android Emulator Compromised With Malware

Written by on 05-02-2021

What is an emulator? An emulator is a system that allows users to use another system to run, or simply call it to behave like another computing system, for example, a Window OS can run on a Macbook laptop. The emulator is usually used by tech-savvy users, and for gamers as well.

Recently, the news was reported by ESET, a popular Android game emulator called NoxPlayer for Window, many are affected with malware once they download and update the emulator.

So how does this happen? Upon download the NoxPlayer emulator, there will be an update notification appear when it is available, the update server via BigNox HTTP API was compromised when retrieving the related information, said the researchers.

It is a belief the update file was replaced with malware, upon downloading, the download URL is mimicked, making it appears genuine to download. As a result, the malware is successfully entered into the users' systems. 

Ever since the pandemic began, the cyber attackers are targeting not just those who work from home, but the gamers who are at home and those who own the emulators as well.