Window 10 Is Giving A Failed Update

Written by on 08-02-2021

Microsoft has confirmed the new 2 updates of Window 10 is causing issues to users, the update code “KB4598299” and “KB4598301” has reported being a disaster, causing Blue Screen of Death and various app crashes for those who have an updated version, which is Version “1909,2004” and “20H2”.

Initially, Microsoft was introducing the update to patch it in .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8, instead of solving the problem, it is giving another issue. The developers who use the Microsoft Visual Studio are the ones who got affected the most, but it is confirmed that Microsoft is giving out a new update to fix it as soon as possible.

Although every update might become an issue, now, Microsoft is aiding with a new update, fixing both Blue Screen of Death and app crashes, and even other errors that might occur. If users are finding it annoying now, user can uninstall the update in the Window 10 setting app before the new update is introduced later.