Hotmail And Outlook Users Are Enraged For Charging Them To Keep Old Emails

Written by on 04-02-2021

Microsoft is giving notice to Hotmail and Outlook users, saying if users wanted to keep the old emails, users must pay $69.99 (RM 284) annually once the 15GB storage limit is reached.

Although Microsoft allowed Hotmail users to migrate to its Outlook to keep their old email addresses, it sparks the attention of giving out a notice recently of paying a price for users to resume sending and receiving mails.

People are expressing their dissatisfaction on Twitter due to the notice given by Microsoft. But Microsoft clarified saying the paid and free subscription notice is there for 8 years since 2013, once the storage limit is reached, the user can subscribe to the paid one instead if storage is insufficient to keep old emails.

It might be concerning for those who wanted to continue to use the free version of Outlook right now, but Microsoft is giving out the solution to continue to use the platform for free by reducing the storage, check this out to see how it is done.