An Updated QR Code Scanner Is Spreading Malware To 10 Million Android Users

Written by on 10-02-2021

One of the popular downloadable QR code scanner on Google Play, Lavabird Ltd’s Barcode Scanner, is spreading malware to many users once the update is made, said Malwarebytes.

It’s reported, the updated app will direct the user to a web browser on its own, and a pop-up will appear, showing a system optimizer app advertisement called ‘Rocket Cleaner’, an approach to let users download the unknown app.

This app was updated last year 4th of December, the update includes a push notification without going through users’ permission warning. Malwarebytes said it was due to various, malicious code involved, and it’s heavily guarded so that no one can detect where the malware is coming from.

In some cases, the apps that appear on Google Play, usually when a user downloads a free app, usually includes some advertisement, this might give the perpetrators the opportunity to penetrate users’ systems with malware, manipulating the code inside the legitimate advertisement unknowingly.

Google reported the app is no longer downloadable on the Google Play store, and malware will disappear if only users uninstall it themselves. Most Android smartphones have their own QR code scanner in their camera app. So it’s not necessary for users to download a QR code scanner from Google Play anymore.

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