Google Confirmed A New Dark Theme Will Roll Out Soon

Written by on 10-02-2021

Google has confirmed with The Verge – News Website, a dark theme will roll out soon on Windows 10 and macOS desktop search engine, it is still under testing now, but some users spotted this new feature sudden appearance in December last year.

This dark theme is for those who spend most of the time on the desktop and want a dark version to relieve their eyes, this will be good news for those who are waiting for this to be rolled out. We can see this dark theme feature in Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google mobile app, but not in Google desktop search engine yet.

Even though the dark theme is still under testing, some people from Twitter commented the dark theme already rolled out and was able to experience the dark theme fell. Reddit users also have the same claimed for its sudden appearance, and the color was automatically turned to dark and reverted not long later.

So far 9to5Google reported the dark theme is still testing for desktop search, replacing the white background with dark grey color, and the Google logo has changed from colorful to a plain white letter, resembling Google search app on mobile that was released in May 2020. It also uses white elements to contrast with the dark theme background to all icons and links. Through the A/B test, it allows the dark mode to follow the system theme on your desktop.

As for the dark desktop theme, it will prompt each user with a shortcut button, notifying “Dark theme is now available” once it is introduced to the public.