7 Reasons Why You Should Use Delta Chat Over Other Messaging Apps

Written by on 15-02-2021

With an ongoing dispute over deleting WhatsApp and flocking to other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal, it seems Delta chat has been neglected as one of the options.

It concerns many WhatsApp users after the recent announcement for the new policy made, sharing data with Facebook, consequently, many users are switching to better encrypted messaging apps for privacy reasons. But not many heard of Delta Chat, its interface is exactly like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal, although there are bugs as the app is still under development, however, it is still usable. Delta Chat is downloadable on Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS.

In this topic, there are 7 reasons why choosing Delta Chat over other messaging app is a better option for you:

1) You have an account ready to be used

  • Unlike any other messaging apps that use phone numbers as an identifier, Delta Chat uses email instead. Since everyone has an email account either on Android, IOS, Mac, or Windows PC, all these platform’s email addresses can be used as an identifier for the Delta Chat account, choose either one of the emails and you can start using the app.

2) No phone number required

  • As mentioned, you do not have to use your own phone number as an identifier to create an account, only email. This grants you the security needed, if you are using a phone number, your privacy will be violated as it links with your identity, bank accounts, address, and so on. It also creates a relationship map, to accessing into your contact list without permission. For example, WhatsApp and Facebook match the contacts, creating a larger relationship map for advertisement purposes.

3) You can choose your own servers

  • SMPT protocol is sending an email, IMPA protocol is receiving email. Delta Chat works with an email server that supports IMAP and SMPT protocols, you can use email services like Gmail via OATH 2.0 authentication. But if you are concern with security and privacy, you can use your own self-hosted email server.

4) It won’t be stopped easily

  • For example, Signal has its own server, it was reported in January, Signal servers went down, no one can use it for the moment, since Signal is a centralized service. Unlike Delta Chat (a decentralized service), if the user’s server goes down, that user is the only one affected, which means other users are still functioning as usual, as they have their own server as well. You can change to a new server easily if your server is crashed.

5) Data, messages, video chat, and spam control

  • Data – If you host it on your own, you are the one who can control your own data. If you are using a centralized service like WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg controls your data. Choosing a reliable server/service gives you better privacy and security freedom.
  • Messages – Not only your data but your conversation with someone is controlled by you, only you and the other person can access the messages chatted, as long as you don’t delete the messages, it will be there. Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple iMessage will dictate your conversation.
  • Video chat – Usually, SMTP and IMAP can’t support a video chat, but Delta Chat makes it happened. There’s a file in your setting, you can add a type of Video Chat your own, allowing you to choose freely which type of video chat instance you wanted to use. If you don’t have a video chat server, you can use the Jitsi Meet instance instead.
  • Spam – You don’t have much control over who can contact you if you are using a phone number. But for Delta Chat that uses email as the identifier, you have more control, you can assign a built-in option to ignore emails that you don’t know.

6) Hard for government to block

  • Centralized services can be easily blocked by the government, government just needs to disable the connection to the one set of server hostnames and IP addresses. Some messaging apps like Signal and Telegram are blocked in certain countries, disabling all users since it has only one centralized server. Delta Chat, with IMAP and SMTP email servers, are difficult to block, since many businesses, education, and the government institution are depending on this to function, the government will not block email servers and if they do, it shuts down everything on the internet.

7) Create multiple accounts

  • Telegram is able to create 3 accounts maximum with different phone numbers In a single app, WhatsApp and Signal can only allow one account per app. For Delta Chat, you can have as many email accounts as you want in a single app, you can do that on the account switcher command.