Google Is Announcing New Dark Mode in Android’s Two-Factor Authentication Prompting

Written by on 16-02-2021

Google is announcing great news lately, a new dark mode in Google desktop will be introduced soon on Windows 10 and macOS, plus, there will be a new dark mode for Android as well. The two-factor authentication prompting is reshaping from white color to dark.

In 2019, Google said dark mode can aid users who are sensitive to brightness, at the same time to improve the visibility for those with low vision, and battery usage reduction. Google planned to release dark mode on Android’s two-factor authentication prompting soon, although some selected Android users with a personal account already experienced this mode.

This two-factor authentication was first seen by some in 2019, but it was not an official dark mode since it was not officially released yet. Google is making changes by relocating the prompt button a bit higher on the screen and few changes to the prompt screen too.

Image is taken from 9to5Google

According to 9to5Google, the Google logo will be located at the top center of the prompt screen instead of the colorful logo located on the top left, the message “Is it you trying to sign in?” will be at the bottom of the Google logo, these changes enhance readability to the user.

Other than Google desktop and Android two-factor authentication, Google is rolling out dark mode for My Activity as well.