Malware Discovered in Apple Mac’s M1 Chip

Written by on 17-02-2021

Apple Mac’s M1 chip was launched 3 months ago, although it is still new, it does not stop malware from infecting, it was reported that this malware was discovered after it became available in the market. This could mean that the malware attackers are making a move by adapting to the latest Apple technology and start assaulting the system.

This malware was first discovered in Safari adware extension, it is originally created for intel x86 chips, the extension called ‘GoSearch22’ and it is part of the ‘Pirrit’ Mac family, this was discovered at the end of December, it constantly changes so that it avoids any detection, and M1 chip is already part of it in Mac, said Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle.

According to Wardle, GoSearch22 does not appear to be harmful in Safari extension, but it runs in the background unknowingly, what it does is collecting data and creating a large number of pop-ups, these pop-ups are linked with the websites, once clicked, the malware will multiply. Since this is still in the early stage, it is very hard to detect using antivirus scanners. Other than what Wardle has reported, the Red Canary’s researchers have found the other types of native M1 malware.

Since the M1 chip can only be found in Mac mini, MacBook Air, and 13-inch MacBook Pro, in the coming years as predicted, the malware might expand to another Mac soon. For preventive steps, never click on any links or attachments that you are not familiar with.