WhatsApp Users Will Not Fully Experience Its Application If Refuse to Agree On Its Privacy Policy

Written by on 22-02-2021

The new privacy policy was announced back in early January, its deadline was on February 8th. But now, the company announced a new deadline, which is on May 15th, WhatsApp is giving users the time to review the changes. So, what if users refuse to accept the policy? Users will not fully experience the functions of the application.

Due to this update, the company received plenty of backlash from its users due to this policy, the policy includes sharing data to Facebook companies and other Facebook-owned platforms, causing misunderstanding to many users’ privacy to be shared without consent. But the company did clarify that all messages are end-to-end encrypted, meaning no one can see your messages, not even WhatsApp and Facebook. The only data that will be shared is user-to-business data on its platform.

Back to the topic, since WhatsApp has given users three months’ time to consider this policy, but what if the user doesn’t update the application before May 15th? According to WhatsApp, although users can receive calls and notifications, but will not fully experience its functionality, also users won’t be able to read or send messages from the application.

The company also explains users still be able to update after May 15th, WhatsApp encourages them not to delete the app or erase the data, according to the policy, all data will be erased itself after 120 days inactive. All deleted data is irreversible, but there’s still an alternative if users decided not to use the app, users are able to transfer all messaging data to other messaging apps in just a few steps on Android or iPhone, either choosing Telegram, Signal, or any other messaging apps.