Microsoft Is Enhancing A New Update on Windows 10 To Eliminate Copy-And-Paste Problem

Written by on 22-02-2021

Key points

  • An update on copied text to plain text using copy-and-paste
  • Multiple copied logs in the clipboard 
  • Cloud clipboard improvement
  • Sync emojis and GIFs with SwiftKey

In this coming update, Microsoft is going to make an update on Windows 10 for the most fundamental feature ever used, the copy-and-paste. Usually, whenever a text is copied, whether from the website or any other location, the copied text’s format will remain the same or misaligned when pasting on another location. Also, with an update that supports emojis, GIFs, and more, there will be an improvement on the Cloud clipboard as well.

Everyone is familiar with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on the keyboard when performing copy-and-paste, Windows 10 finally addressed the problem (under testing) with a new update that will introduce a new option to the clipboard menu (Window+V), transforming the original format of the text into plain text when pasting.

(Image credit: How-To Geek)

When you type Window+V, a shortcut clipboard menu will appear, from there you will discover all the logs you have copied, you can even pin the important copied log for easy access or to clear logs, you can click them from the 3 dots on the upper right of the log. In the history log, it allows copied emojis and GIFs into the log, which would make it easier to be used in media content, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, email, and more when you sync the clipboard with the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard app.