Silver Sparrow Malware Has Infected 30,000 Macs In 153 Countries

Written by on 22-02-2021

This new Malware has infected 30,000 macOS endpoints in 153 countries, the highest volume that is detected is in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany, according to security researcher from Red Canary, Tony Lambert.

The researchers named the new malware ‘Silver Sparrow’, this malware has silently infected many systems, the researchers from Red Canary are now working closely together with the researchers from Malwarebytes and VMWare Carbon Black on this matter. Till now, no evidence of how the malware was distributed, it’s a belief that the malware is hidden somewhere in malicious ads, pirated apps, and fake Flash updates. The purpose for this malware is unsure, and no evidence to determine what are the goals for this infection.

Although none of the researchers have any idea on this Silver Sparrow, Red Canary warns that it shouldn’t be underestimated, the cyber attackers might be implementing a malware that is capable enough to avoid researchers’ detection when analyzing, and they could deliver the second stage of payloads that can be different from the first.

The malware is targeting M1-powered Macs for global reach, the true intention has not surfaced yet, but researchers are classifying this threat as “relatively high infection rate, and operational maturity”, soon they may discover how impactful and infectious the second stage payloads can become. Currently, malware that works in two versions is Intel x86_64 processors and Mach-O binary for the M1 chip.