Telegram Has Boosted Its Privacy on Windows

Written by on 26-02-2021

The new update has finally arrived for Telegram on Windows, allowing users to have better privacy over their data. This major update was made when the many WhatsApp users were flocking to other messaging apps due to its policy issued to allow Facebook-owned platforms to take users' data, for now, users prefer more privacy-focused messaging apps like Telegram. Telegram even guides users on how to transfer all private messages.

Telegram had some security vulnerabilities before, a bug was discovered, and it was hidden in the new animated sticker, this flaw allows attackers to gain access to user’s private messages, photos, and videos, but it was shortly patched up.

For this coming update, Telegram is planning to introduce new features on desktop, it will be rolled out via Microsoft Store for Windows 10. This update allows users to have better privacy by deleting all created groups and history permanently, same with the mobile version. There’s also another exciting feature added in this coming update, Telegram improves the service’s voice chat experience, this voice chat in group calls was launched last year, this feature allows users to adjust its volume on the top menu.

Telegram also added a feature to report any fraudulent groups or channels that imitate any popular public figures or organizations, the report button is in its group’s profile.