Telegram Has Added Few Features, Auto-Delete, Widgets, And Expiring Invite Links

Written by on 01-03-2021

WhatsApp disputes its privacy policy, causing many users to flock to other messaging apps like Telegram. Fortunately, Telegram has been adding plenty of features after the WhatsApp controversial. On February 23rd, Telegram announced new features added, which are auto-delete messages, Widgets, and expiring invites links. 

Auto-Delete Messages

Delete message has existed for a very long time, it allows users to delete messages at any time, including setting self-destruct timer for a secret chat. Telegram announced this new feature is going to allow users to auto-delete messages, the duration can be set in 24 hours or 7 days after sending, but the auto-delete messages only take effect after the timer is set, the previous message will not be auto-delete.

  • Android – Tab ‘Clear History’ > choose a duration.
  • IOS – Tab ‘Select’ > ‘Clear Chat (top left)’ > ‘Enable Auto-Delete’.

Home Screen Widget

Telegrams also come with a widget in your home screen, this new widget allows users to set important chats on the home screen, to instantly chat with an important person immediately without accessing the app.

  • Android – Press and hold on your home screen > tap on the Telegram widget and add a chat.
  • IOS – tap (+) on IOS and search for Telegram.

Expiring Invites Links

In Telegram, users can invite up to 200,000 members in a group, so it’s hard for you to manage if you have links shared in the group that is no longer valid, with this new update, Telegram allows owners and admins can now create additional links with a limited duration, number of uses, or both. This feature allows them to moderate the group better, they are able to moderate who can join the group and keep things private.