WhatsApp Latest Feature to Mute Audio of The Video Before Sharing

Written by on 03-03-2021

Recently, Telegram has an update on its messaging app, new features added such as auto-delete, widget chat, and expiring invite links. WhatsApp also makes an update on its app, mute the audio of the video before sharing with other people, either in the chat or in the status. The update is available for Android users, users need to check for the latest update on Google Play Store for this feature to runs, for now, the feature for IOS remains unknown at the moment.

When sharing or uploading a video, an audio symbol will appear on the top left corner, the audio will be disabled when clicked, then hit send when ready, or on the status section for 30 seconds viewing. Users will also be able to turn the video into a 7-second GIF by clicking the GIF symbol located at the right of the video, after turning it into a GIF, the audio will be automatically removed.

While on Twitter, users are expressing dissatisfaction towards this update, calling it “unnecessary” for this new feature to mute audio of the video, one of the users on Twitter suggested coming up with a new feature that can rival with other messaging apps like what Telegram did for its recent update.