Google Is Making Chrome Easier for User to Switch Profile Instantly

Written by on 05-03-2021

The latest update Google is making on its Chrome, to allow users to conveniently switch profiles in an instant. This update is suitable for both work and for home, especially those who work from home during this pandemic, and those that have many families sharing the same computer, Google is revamping this issue by changing the profile experience, easier for users to access the account that they want.

After so many customizations made, constructing an ideal color or theme, then you found out somebody has changed it, or when you are on a shopping site, trying to buy a saved item, but the password is incorrect. To avoid these issues, Google is revamping to distinguish each unique account for either work or home use or sharing a computer with many, each profile can save bookmarks, passwords, or even articles that you wanted to read in the reading list. When you turn on sync mode, you can instantly view all saved items on your Android or IOS devices.

(Image credit: Google)

So now, instead of searching Google profile on the top right, you will be able to look for your ideal profile in the middle for instant access. According to Google, this new update is officially rolled out, but not everyone is able to test this function yet, you will know when you re-visit Chrome, and it will appear automatically on your screen.