Telegram Has Released New Features, Move Chats and Instant Join Group

Written by on 09-03-2021

Surprise after surprise, lately Telegram has released multiple features into its messaging app. Ever since last month, Telegram has released features like auto-delete messages, home screen widget, expiring invites links, and more, now the latest release for this month is enabling users to move chats from other messaging apps to Telegram, and join a group instantly with a share link.

After a big dispute over WhatsApp’s privacy policy, Telegram has made a feature that allows users to export from WhatsApp to its own platform. But on Twitter, Telegram said during the export process, a new destination chat or has less than 1,000 messages will have a minor hitch to its original date and time. 

Another surprise that Telegram made is an instant join group, users can share the link to multiple people at a time, also there’s an adjustable function where a limited number of people can join and a time limit for the link before it expires.