Easy Copy-And-Paste for Android Users in Gmail

Written by on 12-03-2021

It used to be difficult to copy addresses in compose mail tab, now, Gmail is introducing a new way of copy and pasting with just a single tap on the screen. The current version of copy-pasting may require users to long-press the address, and a window will appear, either choose “Cancel” or “Copy”, some users might experience a different approach when long-press the address, a tab will appear on top, at the same time the keyboard will appear, and it blocked most of the sight.


(Image credit: Android Police)

The new copy-pasting was first spotted by Android Police, this new copy-pasting is making it easier to copy an address in an instant for users, tapping the address and a mini window pop-up will appear, showing a profile image of the recipient, next to it is the address, the bottom buttons will be “Copy” and "Remove". Initially, it takes a longer time to copy, and it might obscure the compose mail view.

gmail copy and paste

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

The new copy-pasting also can be used on other apps outside of Gmail, after the user has copied the selected address from Gmail, it can paste anywhere inside or outside of Gmail on Android. This new copy-pasting does not limit to any specific Android version, and the new function is widely available now with the latest update on Google Play.