Google Maps for Android Feature Improved to Its App

Written by on 15-03-2021

This pandemic has restricted many from traveling outside of the country, but this new feature that Google Maps has released will find very intriguing, Google is trying to expand its app’s capabilities into a somewhat social media lookalike, changing not only for direction guide but as an interactive app for many to explore.

Google Maps' new "photo update" feature will let users contribute snapshots of the places they visit, without having to leave a full review.

(Image credit: Google)

Last year, Google Maps has added a feature with an Explore tab within the app into a feed, although many would just use it primarily for a travel guide to unknown places, now users are able to explore the app with a brand-new experience to the local areas, such as restaurants, shopping malls, and others. This function allows users to follow local experts or people that they like based on their preferred locations, showing a variety of shared photos, posts, reviews, and other types of content, to makes it even more transparent and convenient to the local discoverer.

The app acts like an Instagram, it allows users to follow the people that they like, and the content will be revealed when they scroll and explore, the latest improvement Google has made on its app is photos updates, which allows people to post photos with just one line of text. This update is bringing convenience to users to scroll and explore without looking at lengthy words, but to photos, since photos themselves speak a thousand words. It is an exciting feature to be used during this season of pandemic, bringing users to investigate places in an interactive way.