Google’s Incognito Mode Might Not Be So Much Private After All

Written by on 22-03-2021

A multi-billion search engine maker, Google, is making a headline of harvesting users’ data without users’ knowledge. Controversial news regarding the Facebook-WhatsApp privacy policy made back in January, netizens are comparing the similar effect that Google is making. Last week, Google was filed with a slap of $5 billion class-action lawsuits on a complaint about tracking and collecting user’s data, even though users are on ‘incognito’ mode while surfing on its Chrome browser.

It was originally filed back in June 2020 in US District Court for the Northern District of California on behalf of 3 Google account users, the complaint claimed that Google has a “pervasive data tracking business”. The private information is tracked when using incognito mode in Chrome, or other private browsers such as Safari.

DuckDuckGo reported to this matter, stated “they care about protecting their surveillance business model. If they really cared about privacy, they would just stop spying on billions of people around the world.” Unlike any other browsers like Safari, Edge, and Firefox, Chrome harvests data to devices and individuals, but browser like Safari doesn’t link browsing history, usage data, and locations to users.

From the Google perspective, it collects data only for improvising the service, like what WhatsApp has declared. The problem with this is that by comparing other browsers, they offer the same features, level of performance, and security, yet Google collects the most data. Google makes money by selling ads based on users’ searches on Chrome. It was told that Google is going to replace cookies with Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), placing a huge control, and monetization on Google’s hand.

Some netizens suggested that while using Google search, users are advised not to use Chrome, but on other browsers to limit the data collection, or some even suggested to start using DuckDuckGo as an alternative, on the recent post by DuckDuckGo on Twitter, pointed out the significant data collection that is linked to users will amaze many.