Cyber Security Is at Risk and Billions of Record Are Hacked

Written by on 30-03-2021

When the 2020 crisis hits, many people are stuck at home, many it the worse idea for people who work from home and a good opportunity for the hackers. According to Canalys, it is described as “data breach crisis”, 31 billion data records are breached since 12 months ago, what’s shocking and alarming is that since 15 years of studies, there are 55 billion data records that are breached, so it’s 171% increase from the previous year. There’s also ransomware cases that have increased to 60% compared to 2019

Canalys said, “Prioritize cybersecurity and invest in broadening protection, detection and response measures or face disaster." The analysis firm the attacks were partly attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic, which forces the world to digitalize the game, but lack of security measures when doing business online. While switching into a new working environment overnight which millions of employees are working remotely, from 31 million before the pandemic, to 500 million after. Organizations are planning to keep business running, so they invested in Cloud, however, too frequently securities are neglected.

Since then, an opportunity is open for hackers to intrude, exploiting venerable systems, usually, employees who work from home are mainly targeted since they are accessing information from a different location. But even though cybersecurity is essential during this pivotal time, the investment in cybersecurity increased only 10% compared to the previous year, organizations took priorities on Cloud service, which has a 33% increase, and Cloud software increase to 20%.

Organizations are collecting larger sensitive datasets due to the digital transformation process, and data records are compromised, it’s reported that there’s an increase in compromised data records by 200% compared to the previous. Hackers are becoming advance, using automated bots to program the system for successful attacks.