WhatsApp Users Are Warned Not to Fall into Fake Amazon Free Gift Messages

Written by on 31-03-2021

WhatsApp users are on high alert for the recent sham messages, claiming to be from Amazon and it offers free gifts to lure victims into the trap. The scam messages are circulating around, claiming a free gift from Amazon as part of the ‘30th-anniversary celebrations’, once the user clicks into the link from the message, it will direct them to fill up a survey form with a ticking timer, in order for them to claim the Huawei Mate 40 Pro (5G).

Once all the detail is entered, another page will be directed with a clickable box, stating they have won the prize and are eligible for the prize, and are requested to forward the message to at least 5 WhatsApp groups or 20 friends. Additionally, they were to asked users to download an app in order to claim the free gift.

Since Amazon is holding a 30th-anniversary celebration now, even though the actual anniversary is held this year July, however, it does not stop scammers to use this opportunity to start producing new schemes to trick people, especially WhatsApp users. WhatsApp users are warned not to entertain such messages, as the so-called ‘free gift’ is too much to be true.