Organizations Are Facing Massive Ransomware and It Is Running Rampantly

Written by on 01-04-2021

Ransomware is no stranger to us nowadays because of combination factors that allow cybercriminals to gain immediate access into corporate networks, it’s easy for cybercriminals to successfully getting a ransom is due to a number of organizations fall into victims and they are willing to pay it. Cybercriminals can easily distribute ransomware is due to the fact that Covid-19 is simplifying the process of dispensing ransomware and gain entry into the networks.

Since many organizations are willingly giving the ransom to cybercriminals, it encourages more and more cybercriminals to pursue this field, evolving their tactics and expect a ransom to be paid by organizations. Organizations have no problem in paying the ransom as they wanted to solve the issue fasting, thus normalizing the act of giving, but it became a problem as cybercriminals can continue installing ransomware into the network if this does not take into consideration to solve.

Not only that, distributing ransomware became a service, it’s simpler nowadays and even some low-skilled cybercriminals can involve in distributing ransomware, the service is offered an underground forum to attract as many users as possible complete with customer service. The authors of ransomware are evolving to launch a successful attack, attacks can be in the form of phishing, brute-force attacks to crack passwords on a remote desktop. With many employees now working-from-home, using email and remote services to run the operation, cybercriminals take this as an advantage to exploit vulnerable networks and installing ransomware on the corporate systems.