More Than 500 Million Facebook Users’ Personal Information Are Leaked

Written by on 05-04-2021
More Than 500 Million Facebook Users’ Personal Information Are Leaked Designed by Freepik

On Saturday, a hacking forum was published regarding Facebook leaked millions of personal information, such as phone numbers, full names, location, email address, and biographical information, this information is leaked virally online. It reported that over 533 million Facebook users’ personal information is leaked from 106 countries, Business Insider tested a sample of a leaked data, using that to verify several records by matching users’ phone numbers with IDs listed in the data set, the same test goes to email addresses from the data set in Facebook’s password reset feature.

A Facebook spokesperson reported to Business Insider that data was scarped because of the vulnerabilities when Facebook was patching in 2019. Now that the data is leaked, it’s possible that cybercriminals will take advantage of user’s personal information to impersonate or to scam in order to get valuable credentials, it’s openly available and free through that hacking forum.

This is not the first time Facebook made such a mistake, the vulnerabilities were uncovered in 2019, millions of users’ phone numbers be scraped from the Facebook servers, after that it was patched in August 2019. According to Alon Gal from Hudson Rock, a CTO of a cybercrime intelligent firm said that Facebook can’t assist users since the data is widely obtainable, but the only thing that Facebook can do is to notify users to be vigilant for possible phishing schemes or fraud.