WhatsApp Users Are Warned as New Scam Emerged That Potentially Steals Account

Written by on 06-04-2021

Scams happened on a regular basis now, even WhatsApp has made a surprise again as a new scam is discovered, and this time it might potentially steal your account. Previous scam news was reported regarding a fake Amazon anniversary free gift giveaway message circulating among friends and families. It seems there’s no end for cybercriminals to declare another wave of scams, this time it might steal your credential or even hack into your WhatsApp account.

Basically, a message will be sent to a user, stating a WhatsApp activation code, after that, a follow-up message will be sent again, this time is from one of friend’s contact saying they have sent you activation code by accident, and if you could send the code back to them. On Twitter, WhichUK has tweeted how the scam actually works, they warn users don’t reply to any messages that are sent from your friend, their accounts are probably hacked.

So what if you send the code in return? Well, most probably your account will be taken away by the scammers, although there’s still no evidence what’s the purpose behind this scam, but definitely is not good news for WhatsApp, your account might be used by scammers to impersonate you and try to find the closes target in your contact. WhatsApp users are warned not to entertain such messages, never send your activation code to anybody even if it’s your closes friends.