Google Is Launching A New Feature on Its Chrome for A Strong Cyber-Protection for Windows 10 PCs

Written by on 06-05-2021

Google has embedded a new feature on its Chrome 90 which has a new Windows 10 security, named Hardware-enforced Stack Protection, this feature helps to protect the memory stack from hackers. This design helps to protect against return-oriented programming (ROP) malware, it uses CPU hardware to protect the application code while operating inside the CPU memory.

For many years, Intel and Microsoft are working together on the Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) to combat the ROP attacks, which bypass the memory-exploit mitigations to install malware, hackers can use ROP to embed malicious code to bypass the operating system like non-executable memory and code signing.

CET introduces ‘shadow stacks' that are exclusively for control transfer operations, but Google afraid that shadow stack might cause problems for some of the software that will happen into Chrome. Google provides the information for developers who requires a debug solution in Chrome’s shadow stack, as Google describes ROP attacks as where hackers take advantage of the process code.