Big Updates On Google Maps Are Coming At Our Way Soon

Written by on 10-05-2021

Just recently, Sygic, one of the auto navigation apps alternative other than Google Maps, releases a new update into its app. Now, the rival of all, Google Maps, also releases new updates and offering more advanced features to suit users to conveniently navigate the app.

Google Maps, one of the most used apps, will come up with new updates, Google is working with several updates that are exclusively for Android or Android Auto users. While Google doesn’t specify the date of release, but it’s expected to be sooner or later since Google is making wonderful progress on their part.

So far 3 updates are going to be available soon in the market:

  1. Android driving mode

A similar function to Android Auto, Google Maps is bringing new driving experience for users, new driving mode powered by Google Assistance will be added to the list. This mode is available in United States, Germany, and other countries as a preview exclusive to Android users. Since it’s similar to Android Auto, Google is going to change the navigation app into a driving hub, that comes with music apps, calls, and messages. Google didn’t announce any specific date for this mode, but it will offer a preview to users.

  1. Fuel efficient routes

Google is planning to embed this new mode to help users save their fuel by implementing a mode that navigates the shortest distance to a specific destination by looking at the traffic light data, maximum speed, etc. This mode will focus on fuel-efficient routes. This mode will be enabled by default, but Google will allow users to revert to the original configuration manually if they wanted to. Both iPhone and Android will be available.

  1. Dedicated Android

Google is improving the experience for Android and iPhone users by polishing Google Maps on Android Auto and Carplay with a dedicated day and night mode toggle. Similar to Google Maps, it helps users to automatically detect the brightness, from there it will switch to dark or light mode depending on the brightness of the route, Google is also planning to manually switch it to day or night mode.