Researcher Discovered Malware in Ads Blocker That Potentially Steal Data

Written by on 17-05-2021
Researcher Discovered Malware in Ads Blocker That Potentially Steal Data Image source:

Malware is running rampant, and it can appear in any programmable device, server, and network web. Now, an app named Ads Blocker helps users remove any pesky ads that will appear and cover the entire screen during browsing or streaming, but recently this app was discovered that it distributes malware that serves even more ads.

Nathan Collier, a researcher at internet security company Malwarebytes who discovered that Ads Blocker in November 2019, is actually distributing malware rather than blocking ads. The creator of this app uses it to make valuer by distributing more ads that are unrelated to the user’s interest, even double up the value by harvesting fake clicks on the ads.

The researcher said that this type of adware like Ads Blocker is one of the common types of malware on any Mobile Android, it also has the potential to steal personal information from the user, it’s frustrating if the ads keep popping up unknowingly while browsing, at the same time, it also frustrating if the root cause of this problem is unknown.

Here’s how you can identify malware that is infecting your phone:

  1. Constantly seeing ads, even if it doesn’t dispense related ads according to your interest.
  2. Icon immediately appears after installing an app.
  3. Battery consuming quicker than usual.

Usually, the creators of this adware are targeting users’ banking credentials, information from the device, phone number or email, and contact lists. The researcher emphasizes that to prevent such adware to appear on your phone:

  1. Users must always keep their phone’s software updated for an immediate patch.
  2. Reviewing the phone apps' permission and seeing whether these apps are accessing any of the sensitive data.
  3. Users may also consider downloading an antivirus app to safeguard their devices and to spot any unusual activity in their devices.  
  4. Avoid downloading apps from a third-party app store and stick with official app stores like Google Play Store.