Signal and Telegram Have Almost 1200% Growth After the Deadline WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy

Written by on 18-05-2021

Signal and Telegram, the rivals of WhatsApp, has sawed a nearly 1,200% growth ahead of the Facebook-owned messaging app after the new deadline to accept the privacy policy update issued by WhatsApp, according to a report. WhatsApp was initially issued the privacy policy update needed to be made before February 8th, the public was outrage due to the policy is breaching the privacy of the users. Since then, WhatsApp clarified its privacy policy that none of the end-to-end encryption will remain private.

But that does not stop users from flocking to other alternatives, mobile apps analytics firm Sensor Tower has reported that both Signal and Telegram saw a massive spike since January, users are concerned over the parent company Facebook to gain access to users data. Many users are unsatisfied with the sudden update that appeared to them, WhatsApp later revised the deadline to May 15th.

Ever since Facebook-owned messaging announced its privacy policy four months ago, Sensor Tower said Signal’s download has significantly increased by 1,192% year-over-year (YoY) to 64.4 million worldwide, while Telegram has increased to 98% YoY to over 64 million worldwide. Sensor Tower also stated that WhatsApp has dropped 28% month-over-month to 55.2 million from 76.5 million in March.